With over 7 Years of Real Estate Lending, Investing, and Development experience Isaac has advised a wide range of homeowners and real estate investors on the best strategies to mitigate risk, increase profitability, and grow net worth.  Currently, he serves as the Principal at Guardian LLC and oversees private capital placement, investment strategies, and mortgage origination. Due to Isaac’s passion for teaching financial literacy and providing a path for generational wealth, he leads every consultation with these goals in-mind. 


Outside of real estate Isaac enjoys traveling, spirited drives, live music, and comedy. A competitor at heart he is always available for a chess match or a game of ping pong. 


Principal, Guardian LLC.
Branch Manager, Guardian Powered By UMortgage
Branch Manager, City Lending Inc.
Senior Vice President, Robert Louis Capital


Mortgage Lending100%
Private Capital100%
Investment Advisory100%
Debt & Equity Strategies100%

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Phone : (240) 645-2860
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