Our bridge lending product is for investors looking for short term capital with the ability to close quickly. Unlike a traditional capital source we are able to close in days not weeks allowing for aggressive turn times. We lend on value add assets, transitional assets, and can be used for non-income producing real property. 

Non Owner Occupied Business Purpose – Single Family, Multifamily, and Small Balance Commercial

  • Up to 70% Loan-to-Value
  • 12 - 18 Month Loan Term
  • Loan Amounts from $750K - $5M (Exceptions Available)
  • Interest Rates starting at 7.99%


Our advisors come from various parts of the finance and real estate industry.


We use common sense underwriting to help our investors close.

Key Risk Factors

Our underwriting team looks at all aspects of the transaction and borrowers strengths. Our first step is determining as-is property value, stabilized property value, and the scope of work/length of time in order to complete the project. 

Understanding the end goal and exit strategy is key for us to determine an underwriting decision.

Our Workflow & Process

  1. Review with one of our Capital Advisors to see how to best structure your deal
  2. Submit documentation in order to receive Term Sheet
  3. Order Appraisal and Third Party Inspections
  4. Attend Closing and Receive Funding

Our capital advisory team is here to help. If you have run into a complex transaction we can be the financing partner to structure your capital stack for maximum profitability. We offer upfront underwriting at no charge and will run financial models for more complex transaction. Let us help you mitigate risk by creating comprehensive forecast of profitability leveraging today’s market data and our experience. 

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  • No Upfront Underwriting Fees
  • Common Sense Underwriting
  • Relationship and Risk based Terms
  • Fast Closings